Gymdaddy’s prove that hard work will always get you to the top. Do what ever it takes to grow, day in and day out. Have a vision for your future and don’t stop till you are there. Dedicate your life to your dream.


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About us

Gymdaddy started in 2022 in Salem OR. We had a goal to create a community of strong men and women who want to succeed and be the best they can possibly be. We know in todays world everyone wants the quick solution, the one time fix, the “end all be all” cheat code.  That’s not Gymdaddy.  We don’t glamorize this lifestyle, it’s hard and at times painful. We want to shed a light on what is in the shadows;  the blood, sweat and tears, the endless hours of work that is put in. It’s about grit and dedication, never giving up. It’s not pretty its BADASS! 



What sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes Small-3XL


Do you have a return policy?

Yes, you may return for store credit with in 14 days of receiving the product.


Is Gymdaddy for men and women?

Our Tshirts are Uni-sex, however most of our product is for females.


Our athletes

We have an amazing team! From Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman.

Andrew Lehti: Strongman athlete, he has been competing for 10 years! Andrew has placed in countless shows and coaches a winning team!

Kaven Woodcock: A competitive Powerlifting. Kaven has been competing for over 5 years and has taken home State records as well as Over all Lifter awards.

Spencer Schultz: She has been competing in Strongman for a little over a year. She has brought home the title of Oregons Strongest Women in the lightweight division, and other awards in Idaho and Washington.

Jen Ripple: Competitive Wellness competitor, has taken home placings in many shows. Jen has been in the industry for over 5 years and has helped many individuals reach there fitness goals.

Zack Price: High school collegiate athlete, has not only placed in Powerlifting Meets but Strongman Shows as well. Has placed 7th at Rainer classic and 3rd in OSG Regionals. Won his first meet for Powerlifting as well as 3d place WA State Championshiop. He is an athlete who is dedicated in bettering himself along with his community.

Chelsea Lipson: Works day in and day out to better herself and reach the high goals she has set. Chelsea hopes to one day step on stage and compete in Woman’s physique. Till then she is lifting heavy and staying dedicated!

Join our Affiliate team

Are you interested in growing with a company that wants to make an impact on the world? We are so excited that you want to be apart of our team!


Whats in this for you?

Being an affiliate with Gymdaddy gives you the opportunity to grow and join a family of dedicated peers. 

You will be invited to photo shoots and events, as well as be some of the first to know about sales and new drops! 

You will also have the opportunity to receive free Gymdaddy gear! A code will be given to you to share and earn commission from. 


Please email us at, include all of your social media platforms and your contact information.